Walking ’round the neighb...Chelsea, QC

Walking ’round the neighb...Chelsea, QC

Painting is self-discovery.
Every artist paints what he is.
— Jackson Pollock

A famous-ish quote from pioneering abstract expressionist Mr Pollock that still resonates for me. I knew from the outset that my approach to painting would be the voyage of self discovery kind. I paint from the gut rather than from still life; feeling for that push-pull.

I’ve been a graphic designer for many years, ... my day job... which is great and I love it. I’m a freelancer, so lunchtimes, evenings, whenever I have a moment, I turn to painting, my other love. I’ve been doing this for about 10 years, working on being more expressive and seeing what turns up.

I grow a garden and live next to a forest. I’m fascinated with natural geometry, nature’s visual language. I’m an audiophile; a maker of mixes. I’m a proud mum of 2 incredibly sweet boys. I’m an immigrant and though I love Canada, I still miss England. The inner language that memories, dreams, impressions and feelings construct, is where all my paintings come from. That nature is consistently represented is down to my lifelong adoration of its forms.

I hope you enjoy my paintings. Thank you for visiting!

— Walker J


Graphic Design Diploma with honours
Algonquin College
Ottawa, ON Canada

English B.A.
Trent University
Peterboriugh, ON Canada